About HER® App

HER is a mobile app that lets you use your voice to make it easier to shop, arrange travel plans, and purchase event tickets.

Solving Mobile Problems

Performing basic tasks on a mobile device is hard enough, but when it comes to finding great products and trip details, there’s an extra level of difficulty to doing it mobile. You have to search for what you want, browse through pages of results, compare details and prices on tightly packed product pages, and then check out – which usually involves logging in or registering, entering payment info, providing shipping details…all with your thumbs!

HER makes mobile shopping, travel scheduling, and entertainment planning a much nicer process.

Shopping, Travel & Events

The secret behind HER app’s success is state-of-the-art voice-enabled technology that takes away the usual hassle and misery associated with mobile shopping, making it easier to purchase and receive whatever you’re looking for quickly and with minimal effort. HER lets you make plans on the fly and buy whatever you need right away without having to take notes or remember it later.

Payment & Shipping

Because HER app has access to dozens of retail partners, you only need to provide payment and shipping information in one place. This reduces the number of login names and passwords you have to remember and makes the entire purchasing process safer and more convenient.

Voice Technology: ColdSmoke™

HER power comes from ColdSmoke, a natural language processing (NLP) engine that uses web service APIs to quickly process your vocal commands. By processing your speech in a natural way through ColdSmoke, HER app delivers unrivaled results right to your phone. For more information about this innovative technology visit HumansFirst, the company behind both ColdSmoke and HER.


Sure, you could go to fifteen different websites – or download fifteen different apps – to find exactly what you’re looking for. Or, you could just let HER do it.

With dozens of partners from every area of shopping, travel, and event sales imaginable, HER app gives you access to a collection of products and services that’s so vast it’s nearly impossible to imagine. Plus, HER app provides access to exclusive deals and loyalty promotions that let you take advantage of the best price available for the merchandise and experiences you want.

For more information, see the complete list of HER online shopping partners.

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