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HER is your personal mobile shopping assistant – perfect for anyone who is on the go and doesn’t have the time to even sit down at a computer let alone stop into a store. Searching to shipping have never been easier: Simply speak to HER, and your must-have purchase will be on its way.

Clothes & Shoes

It’s a normal day commuting into work, when suddenly you see someone wearing a dress you never knew you wanted before, but now you can’t get it out of your mind. Or perhaps you’re out at a restaurant and you finally spot the perfect pair of shoes to go with that dress hanging in the back of your closet. Simply ask who made them, and let HER do the rest.

Shopping for clothes and shoes online has never been easier. There’s no note-taking, voice messages to yourself, or having to remember to look something up later. Simply tell HER what you’re looking for, and it will be on your doorstep ready to wear in no time flat.

Home Furnishings

Do you need to replace your curtains? Are you getting ready to redecorate your living room? Or maybe you’re moving into a whole new place.

With HER shopping app, you can find everything from essential furniture and fixtures to the artwork, decorations, and accents that truly make your house or apartment a home.

Electronics & Gadgets

If you’re the kind of person who likes to have the latest electronics and gadgets, shop online for the most anticipated technology innovations with the HER app. Speak into your phone or other mobile device to find products from Microsoft, HP, and other manufacturers and retailers. Make everyone jealous when you show off the next-gen thingamabob before they have it.

Bags & Accessories

Let HER help you purchase your favorite bags online. Use the HER app while you’re in transit to shop for everything from timeless luxury handbags and trendy clutches to ultra-functional messenger bags and laptop backpacks. Duffels, gym bags, outdoor rucksacks, and many other styles – along with all your other favorite accessories – are available at the sound of your voice.

Shop Online for Anything

The options available through the HER app don’t end with the list here. Mobile shopping for whatever you want couldn’t be easier, whether you’re looking for an inspirational book to help you stay motivated, the perfect gift for a family member’s birthday, or some flowers and wine to plan an at-home date night.

With HER shopping app, the shopping possibilities are endless.

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